Bio Waste Management Services (BWMS)

Bio Waste Management Services (BWMS)

Waste prevention, recycling, reuse, and recovery are important waste management strategies that eases the burden on landfills, conserves natural resources, and saves energy. This helps utilize resources more effectively and sustainably.

We offer our customers simple and efficient management of the bio waste they produce which includes all aspects of waste management from collection, to sorting, separation, and finally recovery through dedicated channels. The waste can then be transformed into green energy, organic fertilizer, or animal feed.

As per our Government regulations that has been mandated, we will set up separate collection systems of bio-waste that Agri-food industry, large retailers, collective catering Units and restaurants produce in order to optimize landfill, incineration, and biological treatment, i.e. by composting or anaerobic digestion.

We will help all large producers of bio-waste (in particular large retailers) to sort, collect, and recover their biowaste specifically. We will collaborate to put up a bio-waste management system in place that combines compliance with regulations, health and safety, cost control, and environmental performance.

We will be able to manage any bio-waste: liquid or solid waste, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products and bakery products.

Pasumai Thaagam Ecobiz India will provide consulting, planning and training services to optimally manage biowaste in order to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions that are generated when it is not properly treated. Our simple and efficient bio waste management system will transform bio waste into new resources - green energy and organic fertilizer in particular.