We are ecopreneurs who are passionately and collectively engaged in the business of environment rejuvenation for a sustainable sufficient living. We have a thirst for green ventures that drive both profit and environmental entrepreneurialism.

About the Company

Pasumai Thaagam, derived from Tamil, a native language spoken by people of South Asia literally means Green Thirst / Thirst for Greenery. Every human being has a thirst, an intense desire to survive, to achieve, to possess, to win and to Sustain. We started Pasumai Thaagam Ecobiz India to quench our intense thirst to see greenery and life around us thrive in a mutually benefitting ecosystem. We realized our duty to spread the message of sustainability on earth, to bring about positive, innovative, impactful business initiatives that will drive both profit and environmental entrepreneurialism. We work together with like-minded individuals on environmental and food sustenance Projects.

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Collaborative Ecopreneurs in the Business of Creating Value to a Sustainable Living.
To propagate inclusive leadership in collaborating technology implementations, consulting solutions and supporting profitable businesses, services and products through a conscious collective effort that enhances sustainable living and rejuvenates our environment.
  • Meet Sustainable Development Goals
  • Collective Profitable Entrepreneurship
  • Conscious Living & Improving the well-being of all

Our Commitment

Pasumai Thaagam Ecobiz India commits to work in collaboration with Ecopreneurs for the rejuvenation and enhanced development of health, equity ,well-being and sustenance of all living beings in our ecosystem.

Pasumai Thaagam Oxygen Farm ( PTOF)

Our first initiative at PTOF is to encourage and guide the cultivation of Bamboo.

Group Farmer Entrepreneurship Business ( GFEB)

This includes farmers who want to form a business together, have similar goals, objectives and a willingness to share the benefits and risks.

Integrated Organic Farm Management (IOFM)

Integrated farming systems provide balanced food/nutritional security as components of different nature are linked, enabling the production of different sources of nutrients from the same unit. Organic foods provide various benefits to our health as well as our environment.

Land Rejuvenation & Profitable Plantations (LRPP)

Any land can be made fit for farming by implementing the right technology.

Bio Waste Management Services (BWMS)

Waste prevention, recycling, reuse, and recovery are important waste management strategies that eases the burden on landfills, conserves natural resources, and saves energy. This helps utilize resources more effectively and sustainably.

Sustainable & Conscious Living Centres (SCLC)

Sustainability has always been a core component, philosophy and value of Indian culture. Non-attachment to material possessions, sufficient frugal living, sharing a harmonious relationship with nature, a holistic living through yoga and Ayurveda practices, use and re-use, an aversion to wasting food and so on.

Pasumai Thaagam Eco Tourism (PTET)

We will conduct eco trips every year for travellers who want to learn about the local flora, fauna, culture, on how they can positively impact the environment and community they’re visiting.