Group Farmer Entrepreneurship Business (GFEB)

Group Farmer Entrepreneurship Business (GFEB)

This includes farmers who want to form a business together, have similar goals, objectives and a willingness to share the benefits and risks. Ownership and control of the enterprise are divided among the group members. Group members need to have the desire to be self-employed, the motivation to undertake something new, the willingness to take calculated risks and the mind-set of always looking for opportunities. They must be willing to work together in a common productive activity and to take full responsibility for the outcome. There are many advantages to group entrepreneurship.

  • Group solidarity

  • Greater power from pooled resources

  • Drawing on shared life/business experience

  • Protection from shared ‘enemies’ in the form of exploitive traders and markets

  • Drawing on the common desire to progress and advance economically

Pasumai Thaagam Ecobiz India’s mission is to provide total Training and Support to each and every member of the GFEB in developing strong managerial capacity and a system of discipline within the group.