Opportunities bestowed by bamboo farming profitability

Opportunities bestowed by bamboo farming profitability

One topic that has been gaining importance in the recent past for two different reasons is bamboo farming profitability. On one hand, Government of India reportedly identifies bamboo as key crop to double farmer’s income and increase job opportunities besides assuring to promote use of bamboo in premium eco-tourism destinations, buildings and resorts. On the other hand, Bill Gates calls for struggle to defeat climate change by investing in green alternatives like bamboo.

Bamboo farming profitability and drive for additional income

In this age of increasing expenses and sky mounting prices, living without a second income is almost impossible. However it is difficult or almost impossible to juggle between two jobs or the need for more income in spite of holding multiple jobs. Exploring bamboo farming profitability is an excellent investment option for those seeking multiple supplementary income sources to meet family demands and other commitments.

Farmers in Madurai are increasingly showing interest in bamboo farming profitability owing to the increasing labour charges in other farming. Besides acknowledging the move to avoid cost in fertilizers and pesticides, they propose to plant bamboo with pulses and plantains as interim crops.

While one purchases bamboo agriculture land for sale in Madurai, they attain maximum return on investment and long-term capital appreciation. They value of the farmland increases and so does the annual second income for the investors. Buy land in Madurai which promotes bamboo agriculture and not only provides supplementary revenue but also is back bone of the country’s economy.

Bamboo farming profitability: Produce and products

Bamboosa Vulgaris, Bamboosa newton and Bamboosa tulda are popularly cultivated in Tamil Nadu and they reportedly yield 40 tonnes per acre. Bamboo which yields 1,154 tonnes per acre, can be cut once in two years. It is said that annually rupees 6,505 crores worth of bamboo products are produced in India which expands the scope of bamboo farming profitability further.

The positive aspects in bamboo farming profitability

The environment-friendly plant absorbs 45 per cent of carbon dioxide to give 30 per cent of oxygen. Bamboo farming profitability can be felt from the third year onwards when 50,000 per hectare is secured in the first year followed by steady growth in the following 30 years.

Speaking about purchasing agricultural land for sale in Madurai, it is observed that the crop fertilizes the land while dry leaves can be used as manure for mushroom cultivation. The cultivation also poses huge scope as bio-mass fuel, thus supporting the bio-energy sector. Horticulture experts express hope that good maintenance with sufficient water sources for a couple of years would procure good returns.

Experts also opine that stopping with cultivation after you buy land in Madurai for agriculture purposes is not enough and that small scale units to process bamboo would add value to the yield.  

Finally, when India is the second richest nation in bamboo genetic resources after China, where both these countries hold half of the total bamboo resources globally, it would be only apt to grasp this opportunity firmly for individual as well as national growth and prosperity.

Assure a second income without deviating from current professional commitments. Buy land in Madurai and contribute to your prosperity, the nation’s economy and to the environment. Invest in bamboo farming, whose products serve multiple causes and keep ecosystem intact, thus securing your generations for the years to come.