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Our team at Pasumai Thaagam Ecobiz India have many decades of valuable experience in Agribusiness Consulting, Seed technology, Plantation Agriculture, Fish and Poultry Farming. We have been passionately managing farms, helping ecopreneurs or farming entrepreneurs to maximise both the annual profits and long-term value.

We are constantly looking for best practices, innovation and practical ideas to ensure total benefit to our clients on an ongoing basis. We have a large resource of knowledge and practical experience to support you with all aspects of your farming business from business appraisals and budgeting through to strategic planning, agricultural diversification for those embarking on either full-time or part-time farming.

Each and every Farmer-Entrepreneur who see their farms as a business and as a means of earning profits and willingly participating in our journey to sustainable living will always be an integral part of our team. Our Team also includes artisans, eco producers, Agriculture Technologists, Environmental Enthusiasts, individuals and groups who are willing to take calculated risks to make their farms profitable and their businesses grow.

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Founders Message

Pasumai Thaagam Ecobiz India calls all people young and old, experienced and inexperienced, from farming and non-farming background to become ‘Farmer Entrepreneurs’ and be the integral part of our growing team. If you have the “Entrepreneurial Spirit”, you can make use of the opportunities we provide to develop “Managerial Skills” to start and run a Profitable Farm Business.

Agriculture is a time-tested noble profession. Our aim is to guide you to choose the right farming technology, to help rejuvenate lands, to suggest profitable and sustainable plantations, to provide support in planned production, to find the right market to sell the produce and to drive profitable earnings while consciously protecting our environment.

We are very excited to also support those who are not interested in full-time farming but may wish to engage in subsistence or part-time farming.