Pasumai Thaagam Oxygen Farm (PTOF)

Pasumai Thaagam Oxygen Farm (PTOF)

Our first initiative at PTOF is to encourage and guide the cultivation of Bamboo.

Bamboo is the most resilient fast-growing grass plant that easily adapts to any climate, any soil and is an important nature-based solution to a number of pressing global challenges, for increasing profit to farmers and thus reducing poverty, for oxygen generation and carbon absorption, climate change mitigation and adaptation, industrial eco by-products production, for resilient construction and environmental protection.

On economical level bamboo farming is very profitable. A bamboo plantation requires very less capital to start. With intercropping, integrated farming, with minimal effort and resources, every PTOF owner can be assured of year-on-year income leading to higher profitable continuous earnings for many years.

Thousands of products can be made from Bamboo and may evolve as an alternate to plastics. However, we will be focussing on manufacturing of industrial by-products such as Bamboo Charcoal and Bamboo wood vinegar from tons of bamboo cultivation at PTOF.

Pasumai Thaagam Ecobiz India’s mission is to improve the well-being of producers and users of bamboo.