Replacing plastic with profitable bamboo plantation

Replacing plastic with profitable bamboo plantation

The threat that plastic poses to the globe endangers not only humans, but also the flora, fauna and other entities as well. Plastics get accumulated in water bodies or wherever they find place and echo their existence as global warming issues. Banning plastic has become the need of the hour and profitable bamboo plantation is an effectual replacement to the dangerous plastic.

After its reputation to save the planet, provide numerous products for all walks of life and prevent soil from erosion, bamboo farming is gaining momentum for its ability to replace plastic, which is crucial need of the hour. The fast growing plant which needs minimum investment is already prevailing amidst us as bottles, straws, toothbrushes, cutlery, cups, plates, cotton swabs and hairbrush.

Advantages of profitable bamboo plantation

The economic investment and fast growing attributes of bamboo farming has made it a favourable option while fighting against plastic usage. Bamboo is also versatile and flexible for production demands besides being eco friendly and renewable. Many bamboo species reach maturity in a couple of months and grow without pesticides and fertilizers and lesser needs of re-plantation.

Profitable bamboo plantation is desired because bamboo as a product is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. In this world where as little as 9 per cent of plastic is recycled, accumulating more dump would add up to the woes.

Profitable bamboo plantation: Efficient replacement for plastic

Bamboo products are produced safely without any pollution and do not undergo elaborate processes to adapt to the product that they are made into. The products obtained from profitable bamboo plantation thus made are durable, versatile and strong and their production costs are much economic than plastics and does not need oil reserves to be produced.

Advantages of bamboo products

Unlike plastic straws that are thrown away after single use, bamboo straws are dishwasher friendly and reusable. In case of tooth brushes which must be replaced twice or thrice a year, bamboo tooth brushes fill the requirement since they are totally biodegradable whose disposal is not an issue.

On a concluding note, bamboo products are suitable to ensure sustainability in the environment and to safeguard it from the threats of plastic.